Things To See And Do When Visiting Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and is certainly not without things to see and do. With 54 countries and a variety of different landscapes, you will find history, culture and modern amenities when you visit Africa. From safaris to resorts with jungle animals right outside the windows to hot air balloon rides over the majestic mountains, visitors to Africa can view just about anything that they dream.


If you are planning a visit to Madagascar, you will certainly want to visit the beaches. The beach resorts in North Africa are world renowned and offer something for everyone. The east coast is a virtual beach lover’s paradise with budget friendly huts situated directly on the Indian Ocean, as well as luxurious private islands just a few miles away in the Seychelles. The west coast offers palm tree lined beaches and the waves in western Africa are a surfing lover’s dream come true. South Africa offers its fair share of beaches as well, along with penguins and great white sharks to marvel upon.


Virtually everyone has heard of the majestic Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. If mountains are your thing, you will find plenty of them throughout Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Mount Kenya are all popular destinations for mountain lovers. In South Africa, you will find the Drakensberg Mountains, many of which can be hiked in just a half a day. in Uganda, the Rwenzori Mountains offer very high peaks and real mountain lovers will certainly want to view the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia.


When you think of Africa, you probably think of going on safari. These treks through the jungle have been popular for decades and offer a thrilling adventure. You can book safaris through your travel agent or in many cases, on your own. Costs are typically lower when you book your own safari but if you are traveling with a large group, an agency booking may be better. You will find many wild animals to view and capture on camera and safaris come with guides who can help you to better understand the landscape and show you how to have the most positive experience from your adventure.


Biking is a very popular way to get around in Africa. You can trek through the mountainous terrain or just ride your bike through the towns and cities. Cross continent cycling adventures are available for booking when you arrive or you could simply spend a day exploring one of the popular cities by bike. There are traditional bicycle tours as well as motorbike tours available that can take you throughout the sights found on the continent.

Rich History

Africa is rich in history and you will not need to look far to find it. More than 5,000 years ago, Egyptians were busily building monuments and tombs and you can visit these on your trip. The imperial cities of Marrakesh and Fez are certainly worth the time to visit and you will want to see the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania if you are interested at all in evolution.

Outdoor Adventures

Africa offers a number of ways that you can experience the thrill of the outdoors. From bungee jumping off the bridges at Victoria Falls to white water rafting down the wild rapids or even swimming up to the largest waterfall in the world, you will certainly find enough outdoor adventures to fill your itinerary. Visit the Red Sea to enjoy scuba diving and view wrecks from WWII or if winter adventures are more your style, you can snowboard and ski in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.


No true vacation is complete without some shopping among the local stores and you will certainly find plenty of shopping to do throughout Africa. The bazaars and markets come complete with locals who you can watch while they work their magic. Souvenirs are plentiful throughout the towns and cities and even some of the smaller villages. Watch as your marketeer creates authentic African jewelry right in front of your eyes or take a more modern approach to your shopping by visiting any number of name brand stores throughout the larger cities.


Most tours of the culinary nature in Africa center around South Africa and Morocco, both of which offer unique and wildly delicious cuisine. If a culinary tour is what you want, you are certainly going to find one when you visit this continent. Culinary tours will take you shopping at the local markets for ingredients and even show you how to master the techniques that all of the great chefs use. You are going to want to sample the local fares wherever you plan to visit and you will find a number of restaurants and markets that are going to help you to do that. Note that not all African dishes are pleasing to every pallet and you will definitely find some odd dishes. If you dare, you will want to try things like mopane worms or gemsbok steaks.


There are many hotels and other accommodations throughout Africa, as well. Some resorts boast wild animals on the premises that will thrill and excite everyone in your party. Resorts where giraffes come right up to your second story hotel room window are very popular but even if you are not looking to get friendly with the wildlife, you will find many places to stay. Most hotels and accommodations throughout Africa offer modern amenities like free wi-fi, free breakfast and even shuttle services to and from airports and tourist attractions. Beach resorts are very popular as well and offer splendid views of the lovely beaches or you could opt to stay in a mountain resort and stay right at the foot of the tallest mountains in the world. Whatever your preference, you are going to find a hotel that will accommodate you and the accommodations in Africa are much more affordable than many people believe. You can expect in fact, to spend less on a hotel room in many parts of the continent than you would in other popular destinations.